Richard Wukmir for Roseville City Council District 2

I am continuing to pursue other ways to improve Roseville in addition to running for a seat on the Roseville City Council. Below are some of the ways you can volunteer to get involved and help.

Roseville’s Safe Routes to Schools Program

Sign the petition to support installing safe sidewalks around Roseville Highschool in the Historic Sierra Vista neighborhood.

This is an opportunity for the Roseville City Council to commit to increase safety on our streets within historic areas of Roseville. A City Council proclamation alongside a public petition can provide direction and emphasis on the Public Works department on this project’s importance to the community.

A revitalized and expanded Safe Routes to Schools program can reinvigorate growth and excitement into the often overlooked older areas of central Roseville.

Remembering Roseville’s Historic Districts

The Historic Sierra Vista Neighborhood Association created their own neighborhood identify sign but was threatened with fines by the city of Roseville

Several years ago the Roseville City Council mistakenly approved the use of the name Sierra Vista in Roseville without consideration of the people currently living in the Sierra Vista neighborhood. The council was later forced confront their error and chose to rename the original Sierra Vista as the Historic Sierra Vista neighborhood. However, the council steadfastly refuses to take additional steps to alleviate further confusion.

The residents of the Historic Sierra Vista neighborhood are still fighting City Hall to allow updated signs to be posted in their own neighborhood. A landmark sign was created by the people of Historic Sierra Vista and erected on private property at the Southeastern entrance into the neighborhood. All of this was done at no cost to the government. However, the city of Roseville found fault with this citizen-led initiative and threatened to fine the property owners $100 per day.

Currently sitting council members have promised to take action and assist in updating the city’s sign ordinance but have failed to help solve this problem.

See more at the Roseville Neighborhood Association’s 2022 Candidate Forum at:

November 8th General Election

To learn about and volunteer for my campaign click here

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