Richard Wukmir for Roseville City Council District 2

Richard Wukmir makes his closing argument before the council on November 2, 2022

I am a 40 year old veteran running for a seat on the Roseville City Council. I am a small business owner serving Roseville and the surrounding areas. I have volunteered my time toward oversight of our government by personally attending almost every City Council meeting as well as the Roseville City Budget Workshop.

I am running an independent campaign and I am not accepting any donations. I am trying my best to improve Roseville with my own money before I start spending other peoples’ money.

My promises to you:

  • Courage of Conviction
  • Intellectual Integrity
  • Preserving the Future
Richard Wukmir advocating for more transparency

Courage of Conviction: I served as an active duty Army soldier for almost half my life. I have had to make difficult, and sometimes life-or-death, decisions during my government service as an infantry officer. I am prepared to make tough calls with compassion to protect all the people of Roseville.

Intellectual Integrity: I will not give in to bureaucratic inertia and will attempt to understand every issue brought before the City Council. I will not just imagine the good intentions behind ordinances and legislation but will doggedly pursue the true impacts and the second and third order effects of all actions and inaction.

Preserving the Future: We must all continue to pursue a better future for ourselves and our neighbors. But if the only path to your “better future” requires you to burn every bridge behind you so there is no other choice but to follow; then your “better future” is not the best future.

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